Graduate favoa loan benefit

Brief background of Malawi tertiary education

Malawi, a small country in the southern Africa, with an estimated population increase of 3% each year. The approximation of 31% percent being inhabitants living below the national poverty line and 28% in extreme poverty, and it is one of the poorest countries in Africa in which the majority livelihoods depend on agriculture. Malawi has a total of 59 tertiary education institutions, with 7 public universities, 21 private universities and 31 colleges, whereby more than 15 000 students graduate per year from these academia arena, who later join the massive unemployed Malawian young people.

Improving food security and reducing poverty in Malawi, is one of the major priorities of the development agenda of this nation. Therefore, Farmers Voice Africa has embarked to run this project called Graduands FAVOA Loan Benefit (GFLB), as part of the youth involvement in alleviating hunger and poverty in Malawi.

GFLB is the tertiary institutions’ initiative prearranged by Farmers’ Voice Africa to be providing soft loans to the graduating students, and the youth just completed their studies.

FAVOA through this action will boost the welfare of small-medium scale farmers and the youth by doing environmental and social impact assessments on their everyday life issues.  Many farmers in the rural areas are always exploited in terms of the use of resources, hence Farmers voice Africa in coordination with its tertiary members (students) will be teaching these rural disadvantaged farmers about their rights and responsibilities on the use of resources. In addition, many students from agriculture institutions will be trained and be sent to civic educate farmers about newly introduced methods of farming, and enhancing integrated farming.