Established in 2017, Farmers’ Voice Africa (FAVOA) is a nonprofit oriented organization for African farmers, championed by Farmers in Malawi with the aim of looking at the welfare of farmers in Africa through empowerment, civic education, and Farm produce market awareness to the farmers, locally, regionally and globally. FAVOA has its secretariat in Malawi, Lilongwe.


1. Advocacy

2. Capacity building

3. Marketing




FAVOA’s outstanding objective is to foster change in mediating for farmers’ worries, ideas, and maximize market accessibility of farmers' produce across the continent with its technical and operational personnel who know no boundaries in the provision of opportunities and access to the well-being of farmers in relation to sustainable developmental goals (SDGs). Its selfless commitment towards livelihood and agricultural development has turned the lives of African farmers into an epitome of admiration and hope.

Motivated by farmers’ industriousness and curiosity, FAVOA provides expertise to the farmers through its tertiary members (students) and agricultural specialists who are trained in different colleges and universities to provide high quality guidance and awareness: through extension services among farmers.

FAVOA’s consistency and effectiveness derives from its strong partnership with the Malawi government, Ministry of Agriculture through different parastatal organizations such as National Reserve Food Agency (NRFA), Auction Holdings Limited Commodity Exchange (AHLCX). Its ties extend to other international organization such as Land ‘O’ Lakes, Action Aid, World Food Program (WFP), Concern Worldwide and many more.  –



Looking at the African farmers’ welfare, through safeguarding the common need of all farmers, and create a conducive agricultural operating environment for improved agricultural productivity, market accessibility and increased income to the farmers in Africa.



Well out-loud and mediated African farmers’ worries and ideas, and competently shelter common interests of farmers; with the aim of establishing a stabilized economy at both national and international levels.



  1. To look into the welfare of farmers, and empowering the youth in Agri-entrepreneurships.
  2. Empowering smallholder farmers’ participation in food security related policy processes.
  3. Promoting passion and gain fulfilment in farming.
  4. Increasing consultation and networking amongst farmers, on relevant policy issues at different levels.
  5. Encouraging well scrutinized and fair contract agreements between farmers and clients.
  6. Civic educating newly introduced ways of farming, while enhancing integrated farming amidst farmers.
  7. Formulating and implementing climate change mitigation programs through stimulating smart climate agriculture.
  8. Global maximization of market access for farmers’ harvests, at better prices.
  9. Maximizing room for vast innovations, and provide experience pool for the youth.
  10. Contributing to the social developmental services like agriculture training support, gender equality and Indiscrimination on HIV/AIDS.


We value CITIES

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Industriousness
  • Equity
  • Sustainability 


We believe in CARTAN

  • Change is possible
  • Agriculture feeds the world
  • Real change dwells amidst the youths
  • Team work maximizes results
  • Agri-entrepreneurship is a profession of hope and pride
  • Nothing for us without us


We are driven by the dreams and aspirations of farmers and the youths across the globe. Hence it goes without saying repetitively that our motto “Farmers' Sweat, Farmers' Hope and Farmers' Pride" propels us to maximize our efforts and energy in transforming the agricultural sector.



FAVOA has left no stone unturned in its operations and expansions. To ensure accountability, transparency and efficiency, FAVOA collaborates with different stakeholders whose interest is for the betterment of farmers and the youth both nationally and internationally. Owing to this, its hands are wide open to make sure that change is permanent in farmers' productivity and profitability.



Membership at FAVOA has been made easy and simple. Our membership is in three categories:

  1. Regular members: Thus all farmers belonging to commodity organization and local corporative, medium and large scale farmers as well as those willing to be farmers. These members automatically belong to the established Clubs for proper and accurate implementation of programs and agricultural policies


Through the established Clubs, all members in this category are entitled to the following:

  • Easy accessibility of markets
  • Pests and disease free agricultural farming methods
  • Agricultural trainings and support through FAVOA knowledgeable specialists
  • Transparency and accountability in contract signing between farmers and stakeholders


How to become a member?

To be part of this change, please download and fill the form. Completed forms should be sent to: the FAVOA club representative in your village, or to favoa@farmersvoiceafrica.org.


  1. Corporate members: it comprises of developmental partners such as corporate bodies, organizations and companies having interest to work and discharge their services to farmers through FAVOA for example NASFAM, Farmers World, etc. This is done in realization that team work maximizes results, as well as in compliment to SDG #17 that strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.



  • Increase consultation and networking with farmers
  • Efficiency and resilience in implementation of projects
  • Boosts empowerment and civic education to farmers
  • Identification of target groups across Malawi, and Africa at large
  • FAVOA provides an orderly platform in reaching out to the farmers

How to become a member?

To be part of this change, please download and fill the form. Completed forms should be sent to:



  1. Tertiary members: these are FAVOA students’ organizations formed under universities and colleges or other higher learning institutions with fresh ideas of making agriculture worth for a living among Malawian farmers, and Africa in its entirety. These members are trained to be agents of change as in line with SDG 4 (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all)


Tertiary members are equipped with the following package of advantages:

  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Wide range experience in handling clients thereby heightening their CVs
  • Exposure to both national and international labor market
  • Leaderships skills
  • Project management and implementation
  • Start-up soft loans
  • Problem identification and analysis of projects

How to be part of FAVOA?

Be part of FAVOA by downloading and filling the attached membership form. The completed forms should be sent to:

The satellite Chairperson or any satellite representative in your institution, or to favoa@farmersvoiceafrica.org